Knowles parked his Land Rover in the car park of the Badger & Ferret Inn and looked at his watch.

“Right, Sergeant Barnes, I think you should go and see Carol Herald and find out what she knows and work out what she’s not telling you, if you know what I mean. Above all see if she’s the proud owner of a dirty shower curtain or a golf seat that might have been used by her fellow stalkers.”

“And you’ll be visiting Mr Greggs that Tai Chi artist then?”

“I will – he should be back by now from his job in the big city. I will see you in the tap room when you’re finished.”

Barnes headed to the left to No 1 Sharrock Lane, while Knowles headed straight over to No 3. A shiny white Mercedes with a warm bonnet was parked in the drive.

Knowles rang the doorbell, stood back slightly and waited. Mr Greggs was perhaps busy after returning from London. After a minute, the door was opened by a slim, brown-haired man wearing tracksuit bottoms who was drying his hair with a blue towel.

“OK, where’s the other one, you people usually come in pairs.”

“Not a Jehovah’s Witness, not happy and smiley enough,” said Knowles, brandishing his ID. “The name’s Detective Inspector Knowles from Scoresby CID. Can I come in and ask you a few questions about the murder this morning?”

“The murder? What murder? Where? – I didn’t see a thing.”

Knowles indicated inside with his arm and the two men went indoors.

“Yes, there was a murder in Culpepper’s Woods this morning while you were doing your pirouetting and Thai Chee – were you aware that you were being watched?”

“Not at all – although those trees do make me feel like I am the centre of attention and I am aware that there are other people around bird-watching and walking in the woods, but I have never felt like I am being stalked – why would anyone do that?”

“What do you wear when you practice your art?”

“It’s a martial art – I wear as little as possible, enough to make me decent I suppose – it would be regarded as skintight by some people.”

“That’ll be why then – it will show off your curves to good effect.”

“That’s just creepy – who was murdered and were they watching me?”