St Martin

Named after St Martin of Tours by Christopher Columbus, Sint Maarten/St Martin is administered by Holland/France. Marigot is in St Martin on the French side (No border
controls – don’t worry). It is as good a visit as there is if you are in transit at the airport – there are no left luggage lockers at Princess Juliana airport – and you decide to hire a taxi for the duration of your stay.

Marigot is the largest town on the French side. There is a large outdoor market selling souvenirs and clothing. The Le West Indies mall is a small indoor shopping centre selling
high-end cosmetics and designer label clothing. Fort Louis is a 10-minute uphill walk from the mall and affords wonderful views over the town and the marina. On my way back to the airport, my taxi driver took me to Phillipsburg on the Dutch side so I could see the cruise ship terminal and the salt pan which has been destroyed by building the city rubbish dump too close to this sensitive natural feature. Marigot is a far more interesting place.

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