She’s Coming For You – Chapter 2

      Most people associate Pamplona with the Running of the Bulls – El Encierro in Spanish, part of the Festival of St Fermin which lasts from noon, 6th July to midnight, 14th July. The Bull Running takes place at 8 am each day from 7th July to 14th July and was first broughtContinue reading “She’s Coming For You – Chapter 2”

She’s Coming For You – Chapter 1

         Alex Peters flew to Pamplona from Madrid. She was in her mid-thirties and her ginger hair flowed easily down to the collar of her light-blue shirt. Her blue eyes surveyed her fellow passengers on the turbo-prop plane as it rode the thermals just after takeoff from Barejas airport in Madrid. AsContinue reading “She’s Coming For You – Chapter 1”

Office Life – Preview – 3

Another excerpt from a book about life in an English office. As Wood finished his cigarette he noticed a programmer called Phil Bracewell coming towards him. Bracewell had scruffy, brown hair, a wispy moustache, and glasses that magnified the hazel pupils of his eyes. “Eh Phil, I hope you’re not coming over to fart nearContinue reading “Office Life – Preview – 3”

Office Life – Preview – 2

Excerpt from the book Different Planet 5 Days in the life of an English office – there’s lots of banter and insults flying around in this story. One person goes to the wrong place for the weekend, another has horrible personal habits, but the main protagonist realises how he can become a better person – he undergoesContinue reading “Office Life – Preview – 2”

Office Life – Preview – 1

An excerpt from a book on life in an English office Wood parked his car as close to the office door as possible. He didn’t particularly like exercise as it tended to show his smoking in a bad light. Joan and Trandorf jumped out of the car and headed to the door. “That bloody PhilContinue reading “Office Life – Preview – 1”

Keeping in Touch – Chapter 3

Sheila opened the front door and shouted “Hello everyone I’m home.” The silence was almost audible. All she could hear was the cat miaowing. Sheila took off her shoes and went into the kitchen. Her husband, Walter, was sitting at the table pressing his Blackberry with a pointer. He was frowning with concentration. “Hello Walter,Continue reading “Keeping in Touch – Chapter 3”

Keeping in Touch – Chapter 2

Sheila waited at the bus stop. After 10 minutes the bus arrived. There were a few seats available. Sheila sat next to a young man wearing headphones. The bus started off. Immediately, he stood up and stared at her. “Do you want to get off?” asked Sheila. The youth stared at her. Sheila gesticulated atContinue reading “Keeping in Touch – Chapter 2”

Keeping in Touch – Chapter 1

Sheila Walker sat at her desk in an office cubicle surrounded on three sides by her colleagues. On the fourth side was a common corridor which was mainly used by people when they were hurrying off to begin private phone conversations. Sheila had worked for the same firm since leaving secondary school in 1996. “At leastContinue reading “Keeping in Touch – Chapter 1”