Robinson Crusoe – Book Review

Robinson Crusoe is a classic story inspired by the experience of Alexander Selkirk marooned for 4 years and 4 months on the largest of the Juan Fernandez Islands 400 miles off Valparaiso, Chile. This is a story that builds up slowly and becomes more and more readable as the time passes. It is a testimonyContinue reading “Robinson Crusoe – Book Review”


Nevis was untouched by the bitter disputes affecting its near neighbour. It became the region’s most profitable sugar cane producer and was a major spa destination for Britain’s rich people. Nevis is a short ferry ride from St Kitts. The capital, Charlestown, is far more charming than Basseterre. Alexander Hamilton was born here in 1757Continue reading “Nevis”

St Kitts

Trains leave Needsmust station and passengers are soon immersed in the landscape of fields of sugar cane. There are views of the Atlantic coast, nearby islands, and local life in equal measure. Besides sugar cane there are pineapples, bananas, and papayas in the fields. At La Valle Station, passengers transfer from the train to sightseeingContinue reading “St Kitts”

Brimstone Hill – 4

Extract from Julian’s Journeys Heading north from Brimstone Hill, the visitor next comes to the second largest town on St Kitts, Sandy Point, which was the focal point of the island’s tobacco trade and many of the old tobacco warehouses are still standing. Further along the coastal road is Rawlins Plantation, a great place forContinue reading “Brimstone Hill – 4”

Brimstone Hill – 3

Extract from Julian’s Journeys Nowadays visitors can discover for themselves how this ‘Gibraltar of the West Indies’ received its name. The Brimstone Hill Fortress is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visitors will notice the officer’s quarters pointing westwards, their outer façade being a series of arches. The officers were sheltered from the prevailing winds unlikeContinue reading “Brimstone Hill – 3”

Brimstone Hill – 2

In 1628 St Kitts was divided between the British and the French with the two nations sharing the South East peninsula and its salt ponds. In 1629 a large Spanish fleet captured the island and deported the British and French settlers to their respective countries. However, the settlers soon returned and re-established their colonies. DuringContinue reading “Brimstone Hill – 2”

Brimstone Hill, St Kitts – 1

The Federation of St Kitts and Nevis is a long name for the smallest country in the Americas both in size and population. Although it’s small in stature St Kitts and Nevis was forged by some mighty historical factors: Empire-building, the horrors of slavery, the burgeoning sugar cane industry, and the American War of Independence.Continue reading “Brimstone Hill, St Kitts – 1”