Treasure Map – 9

“We have to take some treasure,” said Esme, and started to fill her rucksack with doubloons. Sebastian put some into … More

Treasure Map – 8

“It’s definitely not chocolate,” she said, and placed it into her pocket. A sword landed on top of the chest. … More

Treasure Map – 7

“Can they see us?” said Esme. “I think we are about to find out,” said Sebastian and pressed himself to … More

Treasure Map – 6

As the pieces returned for another game, Sebastian and Esme ran behind the pawns. One of the knight’s horses tried … More

Treasure Map – 5

A white castle was hurled off the board by the black queen and the white king was mated four moves … More

Treasure Map – 4

“Hold on,” they both screamed without hearing the other. They landed in a heep. The stone shot back upwards and … More

Treasure Map – 3

They sat next to each other on the step and pored over the map. There were four crosses and three … More

Treasure Map – 2

“It’s my grandfather’s sailor’s box containing some old knickknacks – I think he had a spyglass of some kind.” “I’ll … More

Treasure Map – 1

“Well I have searched the whole house and I still can’t find it,” said Sebastian, absent-mindedly stroking his female cat … More