Treasure Map – 9

“We have to take some treasure,” said Esme, and started to fill her rucksack with doubloons. Sebastian put some into his pockets and picked up the sword from Esme’s early attacker. “You never know when this will come in useful” he said and they scurried towards the tunnel Sebastian had just explored. After twenty metresContinue reading “Treasure Map – 9”

Treasure Map – 8

“It’s definitely not chocolate,” she said, and placed it into her pocket. A sword landed on top of the chest. Esme screamed and tripped up over a stone as she tried to run away. The  sword hit the ground near her head and she thought she was dead. The skeleton was about to run herContinue reading “Treasure Map – 8”

Treasure Map – 7

“Can they see us?” said Esme. “I think we are about to find out,” said Sebastian and pressed himself to the side of the tunnel. The skeletons formed into two rows and advanced towards them. They were wearing rusty helmets and carrying cutlasses. Their feet clattered on the ground as they marched. Sebastian signaled toContinue reading “Treasure Map – 7”

Treasure Map – 6

As the pieces returned for another game, Sebastian and Esme ran behind the pawns. One of the knight’s horses tried to bite Esme but she hit it on the nose with her flashlight and it snorted in surprise. They approached the black castle and looked around it carefully. The black knight next to it raisedContinue reading “Treasure Map – 6”

Treasure Map – 5

A white castle was hurled off the board by the black queen and the white king was mated four moves later. As the pieces regained their places Sebastian shouted “Now” and they ran across the board. They almost made it, but Sebastian was tripped up by the bishop’s mitre. The bishop smashed the mitre intoContinue reading “Treasure Map – 5”

Treasure Map – 4

“Hold on,” they both screamed without hearing the other. They landed in a heep. The stone shot back upwards and left them behind. They were in a tunnel “Do you have your light with you?” said Sebastian. “Yes, I have some matches too should we need them.” “And I have a lighter – this isContinue reading “Treasure Map – 4”

Treasure Map – 3

They sat next to each other on the step and pored over the map. There were four crosses and three noughts each over a stone. “Is this what I think it is?” said Esme. “A forgery?” “No a treasure map, Sebastian.” “Well it’s a puzzle of a kind,” said Sebastian, “for example, what is theContinue reading “Treasure Map – 3”

Treasure Map – 2

“It’s my grandfather’s sailor’s box containing some old knickknacks – I think he had a spyglass of some kind.” “I’ll get an old blanket to put the box on,” said Esme putting the coffee on a cupboard and disappearing into the bedroom. She returned with a cat blanket and placed it on the ground. SebastianContinue reading “Treasure Map – 2”

Treasure Map – 1

“Well I have searched the whole house and I still can’t find it,” said Sebastian, absent-mindedly stroking his female cat Gemma. His pipe lay smoking slightly in a wooden bowl. “The only place left is the attic,” said his wife Esme and shrugged her shoulders, “I hope we haven’t thrown it out.” “We should lookContinue reading “Treasure Map – 1”

Pole Vaulting – Hadrian’s Wall – 5

Excerpt from the book Sports the Olympics Forgot This book describes 40 sports that ought to be played but aren’t, because I made them up. Knocking down the Roman soldiers is a very popular event. It’s an open draw which means that everyone’s name goes into a tam o’shanter and then the names are drawn out.Continue reading “Pole Vaulting – Hadrian’s Wall – 5”