Treasure Map – 7

“Can they see us?” said Esme.

“I think we are about to find out,” said Sebastian and pressed himself to the side of the tunnel.

The skeletons formed into two rows and advanced towards them. They were wearing rusty helmets and carrying cutlasses. Their feet clattered on the ground as they marched.

Sebastian signaled to Esme to hold her breath and stay still. The skeletons moved past and headed around the corner.

“Those were Spanish designed helmets,” said Sebastian as they moved towards the now unoccupied cavern. “They were the marines from that Spanish galleon which disappeared near here in 1588”.

“When will they stop and turn around?” said Esme.

“If they come back, we should go down there,” said Sebastian, “we can outrun them”. He went into investigate further

Esme was running her hands through the gold doubloons in one of the chests. She picked one up and bit into it.


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