It’s Me – Chapter 14

Someone or something, I thought, and you are very astute, Angela. “Ok, Ang, I tell you what, I’ll ask the repairman to come tomorrow, it’ll be too late for today, and see whether he can find anything wrong with the door and the photocopier. OK?” “Yes, thank you Kirstie, I’ll keep these to show him.Continue reading “It’s Me – Chapter 14”

It’s Me – Chapter 13

I left the dictionary at the letter ‘T’, but moved the pages from those featuring ‘Thuggery’ to a double page featuring the words ‘Tome’, ‘Topic’, and ‘Treatise’, which I thought was more appropriate for a librarian, as I have never heard of thuggish librarians. I decided to inspect this small area, which I believe isContinue reading “It’s Me – Chapter 13”