She’s Coming For You – Chapter 34

Police Bulletin: The Policia Nacional in Santiago de Compostela have an update regarding the recent deaths by shooting in Santiago de Compostela and Vigo. Two recent shootings have been connected in some sections of the press with the recent massacre in Santiago de Compostela, which resulted in the deaths of an American tourist and twoContinue reading “She’s Coming For You – Chapter 34”

She’s Coming For You – Chapter 33

Pontevedra is well worth a night’s stop if you’re travelling between Santiago de Compostela and Vigo. The main attraction for me was that traffic is banished from most of the city centre. The current mayor first came into office in 1999 and his philosophy was simple: private property – the car – should not occupyContinue reading “She’s Coming For You – Chapter 33”

She’s Coming For You – Chapter 32

Mike Alvarez had discarded his suit about three hours previously and hung it on the coat stand by the door in his office. He had loosened his tie, and he still felt warm, even with the air-conditioning on full. Opposite him, Claudia Reyes was a little chilly, as this temperature for her was like homeContinue reading “She’s Coming For You – Chapter 32”

She’s Coming For You – Chapter 31

Kim Samuels was pleased she’d paid in advance for all her hotels. It meant no awkward conversations about cash or credit card or whether she’d like the receipt emailed to her. There was just a quick shake of the head when she was asked whether she’d used anything from the minibar. With her travel bagContinue reading “She’s Coming For You – Chapter 31”

She’s Coming For You – Chapter 30

Update – MASSACRE IN SANTIAGO Another shooting in pilgrimage city Killer found dead. A man’s body, matching the description of the lone gunman responsible for the worst mass shooting in the city, has been found at the Pazo de Raxoi this evening. All extremists will be hunted down and caught like rats says PM. ThereContinue reading “She’s Coming For You – Chapter 30”

She’s Coming For You – Chapter 29

The outstanding reason to visit A Coruna is to see the world’s oldest active lighthouse, built by the Romans in the 2nd century and re-clad in the 18th century to protect the old structure. The lighthouse is a wonderful sight, but make sure to walk along the coastline here to experience the pounding of theContinue reading “She’s Coming For You – Chapter 29”

She’s Coming For You – Chapter 28

Update – MASSACRE IN SANTIAGO Lone gunman kills 3. Unknown terrorist kills tourist near Museo do Pabo Gallego. All killers will be hunted down and caught like rats says PM. Tourists need have no fear about their safety and security says mayor. An unknown gunman was being sought by police this morning after killing anContinue reading “She’s Coming For You – Chapter 28”

She’s Coming For You – Chapter 27

After listening to the testimony of witness seven, Inspector Maria Sanchez put out a bulletin to all officers, describing the man responsible for all three murders earlier in the day. They would increase security at all points of departure in the city and at the airport and all major railway stations in Galicia. In theContinue reading “She’s Coming For You – Chapter 27”

She’s Coming For You – Chapter 26

Inspector Maria Sanchez of the Policia Nacional was interviewing the passengers of the bus in the Praza do 8 de Marzo at the time of the Tren Turistico incident. Sanchez was twenty-seven years old and ambitious to get on in the police service. She had done well so far in this world dominated by machismo.Continue reading “She’s Coming For You – Chapter 26”

She’s Coming For You – Chapter 25

The new head of the network in A Coruna had many associates. When contacted, all of them had expressed sympathy with the events of earlier in the day and had agreed to help hunt down the person responsible for at least interrupting, and possibly killing, their fellow fighters in the middle of their mission, ofContinue reading “She’s Coming For You – Chapter 25”