She’s Coming For You – Chapter 50

“Inspector Sanchez,” said Chief Inspector Ramos of the Policia Nacional in Vigo, “can you come into the office, please?” Sanchez, Villa, and Ortiz had just set foot in the building after returning from Urzaiz station. “Sir?” said Sanchez as she closed the door behind her. “You’ve been chasing this assassin, this shooter from Santiago deContinue reading “She’s Coming For You – Chapter 50”

She’s Coming For You – Chapter 49

The history of Braga stretches back to the Iron Age, when a tribe called the Bracari first started a settlement here. In modern times, people regard Braga as the religious centre of Portugal with thirty-five churches in the city limits. I should prepare visitors for plenty of sight-seeing when walking around this lovely city aboutContinue reading “She’s Coming For You – Chapter 49”

She’s Coming For You – Chapter 48

Suleiman stared at Arsalan and Ali with something approaching despair. Mohamed and Rashid had been gunned down in cold blood and Ali and Arsalan had done nothing to help their brothers. “What should we have done?” asked Arsalan. “Start massacring the passengers on the train when our aim is to capture and kill one person?”Continue reading “She’s Coming For You – Chapter 48”

She’s Coming For You – Chapter 47

Maria Sanchez looked at the bodies of the two North African suspects. She had to admire the accuracy of both Sergeant Villa and Constable Ortiz in a crowded station. One passenger had a leg wound from a flying splinter of concrete, but apart from that the passengers and the people seeing them off escaped unharmed.Continue reading “She’s Coming For You – Chapter 47”