Our Cats in Amsterdam – Part 7

Our room is a lovely blue colour with sunlight coming through a window high on the wall, so we must be in a cellar somewhere. Four beds, two in a bunk bed, and two separate, round beds are present. There are two litter trays at opposite ends of the room, along with a large, roundContinue reading “Our Cats in Amsterdam – Part 7”

Our Cats in Amsterdam – Part 6

As the train speeds up from Lille, the sun comes out, and it looks lovely outside. “It looks lovely outside, Gemma,” I say, trying to engage her in conversation. “I’m reading, Frederick,” she replies, “about state sponsored oppression in the Middle East. Did you enjoy your early lunch?” “I did,” I reply. “I’ve saved halfContinue reading “Our Cats in Amsterdam – Part 6”

Our Cats in Amsterdam – Part 5

At about 7pm, Mrs Elkins arrives with two cat carriers, two toys, and what looks like an overnight bag. The black cat carriers are rather luxurious and lined with material. There is a small window in the door but otherwise we can easily keep out of sight and maintain our undercover operation. The toys areContinue reading “Our Cats in Amsterdam – Part 5”

Our Cats in Amsterdam – Part 4

By the time I wake up, John and Mary have already left for the airport. I walk around the house looking at how neat and tidy they’ve left everything. They did a lot of washing yesterday including their bed sheets and our cat blankets, so that Gemma and I would have clean bedding for theContinue reading “Our Cats in Amsterdam – Part 4”

Our Cats in Amsterdam – Part 3

On the rest of this today, and the next today, the humans pack and unpack their bags several times each and change their suitcases twice. This suggests indecision to me, but they eventually settle on the right items to take and then, in the evening of the next today, there’s a knock on the frontContinue reading “Our Cats in Amsterdam – Part 3”

Our Cats in Amsterdam – Part 2

“Hello Freddie and Gemma, how are you, and who are your friends?” asks Rufus. “Hello squirrel,” says Gemma, “to answer your question, those were our friends who were telling us what we would do when the humans are away in terms of the cat sitter and when they’d be coming.” “Hello, Gemma,” replies Rufus, “that’sContinue reading “Our Cats in Amsterdam – Part 2”

Our Cats in Amsterdam – Part 1

…then there was Our Cats in Amsterdam – Freddie and Gemma have been recruited to help Europol in Amsterdam. “Can I have some books, please?” I ask politely, “a nice variety of books, fiction, geography, comedies, business, that sort of thing.” “Yes, we’ve heard you’re a devoted reader, Freddie,” says Arabella, “so that’s all arranged.”Continue reading “Our Cats in Amsterdam – Part 1”

Diary of a Buddhist Cat

First there was the Diary of a Buddhist Cat. Rufus stands still and looks at the human. I am closer to the window and observe Rufus is transfixed. I grab his tail and drag him across the table. He turns around and heads through the window, closely followed by me. I pick up the bookContinue reading “Diary of a Buddhist Cat”

Murder on the Mauretania by Edward Marston

This book is written by Edward Marston who writes the Railway Detective series. The style of writing is very similar, plenty of dialogue driving the plot strongly forwards like the engines of the Mauretania as it powers across the Atlantic Ocean in the November weather. I enjoyed the book immensely and will read another inContinue reading “Murder on the Mauretania by Edward Marston”

Because of the Cats by Nicolas Freeling

This Van der Walk book grew on me as the story progressed. Initially, the story didn’t grab me as the police appeared to know who the culprits were very quickly, but it was the reasons why the culprits acted in the way they did that was the fascinating part of the story. Van der ValkContinue reading “Because of the Cats by Nicolas Freeling”