Places not on Google Maps – February 24th island

Extracts from the following book – Places not on Google Maps

This island, a hundred miles from Guam, was named in honour of the birthday of the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V who sponsored Ferdinand Magellan on his epic journey around the world between 1519 and 1522. Of course, Magellan didn’t make it all the way around the world as he was killed in The Philippines in 1521. In what most people describe as a deep foreboding of his demise, Magellan thought he should honour his sponsor in some way. When Magellan came across the island on February 22nd, 1521 he asked his lookouts if they could see another island close by. None of his lookouts could, so Magellan decided to wait two days before stepping ashore and officially giving the island its new name. As his biographers have written, this shows how deeply honest Magellan was as a man. Others have pointed out, Magellan could have given the island the same name two days earlier and it wouldn’t have made a scrap of difference.


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