Humane Mousetrap Society

Extract from the book – 40 Strange Groups

To be accepted into this elite group, prospective entrants must demonstrate they’ve invented a mousetrap that no one else has thought of. The trap must not kill the mouse, so bringing your hungry pet cat to the entrance exam won’t work. Would-be members have one hour to show their trap will work in an area 16-feet square, inhabited by three mice who have not been starved. Variations on rustling paper and plastic bags in a larger bin bag will no longer be accepted.

Members-only competitions are held every three months, where a prize of 500 pounds will be awarded to the person whose trap catches the most mice in a period of three hours. Mice captured more than four times in any calendar year are deemed to have become institutionalised and will be released back into the wild in a British National Park, normally Snowdonia or the North Yorkshire Moors.

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