The Green Fox – 1

The Green Fox lived in the lowlands of Scotland before the last ice age where its green coat allowed it to hunt freely in the fields and grasslands of the region. This natural camouflage meant the fox was able to pick off its prey with ease and the numbers of green foxes proliferated to suchContinue reading “The Green Fox – 1”

Walking the Weasel in Cleckheaton

According to the Lindisfarne Chronicles, “Walking the ways all” was an annual tradition in all Anglo-Saxon towns. The third Thursday in July was set aside for the townsfolk to walk along the common pathways and re-establish their right to frequent these paths. According to the English Common Law, if this annual reclamation wasn’t performed theseContinue reading “Walking the Weasel in Cleckheaton”

Places not on Google Maps – Islands 2

The North Sandwich Islands When Captain James Cook sailed around the world, he must have been feeling extremely hungry. This can be the only explanation for the number of places he named after the humble sandwich. In no particular order, they are as follows: Sandwich Islands was the name given to Hawaii. South Sandwich Islands,Continue reading “Places not on Google Maps – Islands 2”

Sports the Olympics Forgot – Boats on Wheels – Pt 1

The Boats on Wheels races are held in Lubeck on the third week of August. The races are a throwback to the times when the Vikings used to regularly invade Western Europe and citizens had to either fight to the death or leave the area immediately. The boats in the races must be vessels thatContinue reading “Sports the Olympics Forgot – Boats on Wheels – Pt 1”

Places not on Google Maps – London – Part 4

  Battersea Cat’s Home There’s a small museum dedicated to the history of the cat at this splendidly clean animal’s home near Battersea Power Station. Learn how cats were revered in Ancient Egypt and see statues of the cat goddess Bast. Visitors can see the cats playing in their recreation area and even have aContinue reading “Places not on Google Maps – London – Part 4”

Places not on Google Maps – Rome – Part 3

  The Quarantine Hill The so-called “Ninth Hill of Rome” is outside the city walls and was where soldiers, returning from campaigns overseas with unidentifiable diseases, were sent for a period of 40 days before they were allowed back into the city of Rome. All wild animals brought back from other countries were brought hereContinue reading “Places not on Google Maps – Rome – Part 3”

Places not on Google Maps – London – Part 2

  St Martin’s in the Concrete London’s newest church and the one with the most honest name according to the vicar, the Rev Jim Probert. Built in 1972 near Blackfriars, the church has no stained glass and is deliberately plain as it’s designed for people who just want to pay a quick visit during theirContinue reading “Places not on Google Maps – London – Part 2”

Places not on Google Maps – Rome – Part 2

  The French Steps These steps climb a steep slope between the Piazza di Francia at the base and the Quirinal Palace. This stairway of 136 steps was built with Napoleon Bonaparte’s bequeathed funds of 30,000 scudi, in 1797. Napoleon was embarrassed that the Spanish Steps had been built with French money and was determinedContinue reading “Places not on Google Maps – Rome – Part 2”

Places not on Google Maps – Rome – Part 1

Circus Minimus The Circus Minimus was where chariot racing for children took place in Ancient Rome behind the Palatine Hill. Racers had to be under the age of 16 and had to bring their own greyhounds or whippets, depending on which part of the Roman Empire their centurion fathers had recently returned from. The siteContinue reading “Places not on Google Maps – Rome – Part 1”

Country and Western Singing Contest

The singing of sad songs has been associated with Morecambe in Lancashire for hundreds of years. These dirges were usually sung when someone had been drowned in the dangerous waters of Morecambe Bay. These songs were sung so frequently that a competition was organized to see who could sing the saddest song of all. This contest reached its zenithContinue reading “Country and Western Singing Contest”