Plum Brandy – 1

In certain parts of Bulgaria there is a scheme where travellers can stay with villagers in their homes. This is an excellent idea, rather like a homestay. The village I stayed in was near the town of Pernik…

In the late afternoon sun I stood before the house where I was staying. A vine was growing over most of the roof. Peas, beans, potatoes, and carrots were being cultivated in the garden and five bee-hives sat by a large compost heap. Birds sang in a couple of the trees, scent from some flowers wafted around me, and I heard laughter coming from a neighbouring garden. I placed my bag on the dusty ground and knocked on the slightly warped front door.

Extract from Julian’s Journeys

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  1. I have always found Bulgarians to be extraordinarily hospitable. Village life can be very hard, but it’s lovely to be able to visit and experience what are often strikingly beautiful places. Some really take you back in time. Thanks for sharing.

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