Battersea Cat’s Home

There’s a small museum dedicated to the history of the cat at this splendidly clean animal’s home near Battersea Power Station. Learn how cats were revered in Ancient Egypt and see statues of the cat goddess Bast. Visitors can see the cats playing in their recreation area and even have a cup of tea or coffee in the company of a cat at the “Impress Me Human” cafe. It’s important to note that the cats will be assessing you to see whether they would like to live with you as their servant. Don’t spill the tea on their paws and don’t drink the milk.

British Summer Time Park

BST Park is one hour east of Greenwich Park in Kent and is attracting increasing numbers of tourists, who are keen to explore the park and the BST Meridian line, which isn’t accurate but people still take pictures of themselves with their legs astride the line, just like they do at Greenwich.