The true meaning of words – 3

This excerpt is from a collection of funny stories

Architect         n          Someone who places discreet curved structures into buildings, which take quite a time to see.

Rearrange        n          The width of the space that your backside occupies when you sit on a chair, stool, or seat.

Harmony         n          Any amount of money that you find when you are feeling threatened or vulnerable. This discovery makes you feel more at peace with life in general.

Business          v          To run a coach company that specializes in tours to Loch Ness to try and see the monster.

Depend           n          That part of the swimming pool where you can just touch the bottom with your toes, while still having your head above the water. This point in the pool varies with the height of the individual concerned.

Published by Julian Worker

I was born in Leicester. I attended school in Yorkshire and University in Liverpool. I have been to 93 countries and territories including The Balkans and Armenia in 2015, France and Slovakia in 2016, and some of the Greek Islands in 2017. My sense of humour is distilled from The Goons, Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, and Midsomer Murders. I love being creative in my writing and I love writing about travelling. My next books are a travel book about Greece and a novel inspired by Brexit.

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