Pyramid Climbing – 1

Excerpt from the book Sports the Olympics Forgot This book describes 40 sports that ought to be played but aren’t, because I made them up.


The Pyramids at Giza and Saqqara have long held the fascination of the world and the method of their construction has been the subject of much debate. The Pyramids are visited by thousands of tourists each year and yet none of them are allowed to climb on these architectural wonders of the world.

However, on one day of the year, June 21st, pre-authorised athletes are allowed to take part in the annual “Race to the Stars” up the Great Pyramid of Cheops. There are three lesser races on the Pyramids of Khafre and Menkaure at Giza and on the Step Pyramid at Saqqara between June 14th and the 21st. .

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