Andromeda Gardens, Barbados

Andromeda has a mini-forest of haunting ghost cactuses with their striking triangular stems. Visitors should be advised that humans can have allergic reactions if they come into contact with sap from these plants.

Further on are the Frangipani trees, which in Barbados can grow up to 8 metres high and 6 metres wide. The further from the tropics you travel, the smaller the maximum size frangipanis reach. The scent of the flowers is very beautiful. The mature frangipanis at Andromeda can get enough moisture from the soil to remain healthy for six months or longer without further watering.

In tropical climates, the leathery yet colourful foliage of the croton plant Codiaeum Variegatum means that it’s used for hedges and individual splashes of colour in borders. Andromeda is no exception. This evergreen shrub is native to southern India, Indonesia, and the Western Pacific Ocean islands and can grow to 3 m tall.

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