Mykonos – 4

In another room were models of a fishing boat, used to specifically catch octopus, wooden tools used to make boats, and a heavy, old diving helmet. There were finely painted models of a brig, a bratsera, a belou, a bark-bestia, and a sponge-fishing boat. The displays weren’t confined to Greece. There was a model ofContinue reading “Mykonos – 4”

Patmos – 2 – Greek Orthodox Service

I was lucky enough to see a Greek Orthodox service at the Apokalypsis monastery. The priest wore a white ‘dress’ decorated with Greek crosses. He had a large, bushy grey beard and his hair was a similar colour. He spent most of the service in an inner room chanting while two men, members of theContinue reading “Patmos – 2 – Greek Orthodox Service”