Samos – 2

This is a short piece about my recent visit to Samos in the Aegean Islands of Greece. The photo is mine taken near the town of Pythagorio. Walking around the ancient harbour of Pythagorio, parts of which are 2,600 years old, the visitor soon comes to a statue of Pythagoras, who was born in theContinue reading “Samos – 2”

Slave Lodge, Cape Town

The Slave Lodge was built in 1679, making it the second oldest colonial building in South Africa and was owned by the Dutch East India Company, who maintained a settlement at the Cape and needed the slaves to support its profitable Asian trading operations. It continued to be used until 1834 when slavery was abolishedContinue reading “Slave Lodge, Cape Town”

Pintxos – San Sebastian

In Spain’s Basque country it is important to know a few words of the Basque language especially in the city of San Sebastian. This hotbed of Basque nationalism is known as Donostia locally and there are other words visitors should become acquainted with. The most important is pintxos. In the Basque Country there are noContinue reading “Pintxos – San Sebastian”