Satire – Tomcat Tompkins – 95

“Torun originally, but now I live in Lewes,” replied the man smiling, “I have two children who lost their mama three months ago to a drunk driver, but I am still here earning a living for them. I try not to hold the grudges.” “Oh, how horrible, I had the same thing happen, my motherContinue reading “Satire – Tomcat Tompkins – 95”

Tomcat Tompkins – 91

Dexter smiled and asked “Will there be anything else, sir? Do you need a cover for those papers?” “I would love a cover for these papers, thank you, Dexter,” replied Tompkins planning his next step. He would have to return to Aunt Jemima’s as soon as possible. “Can I borrow the phone, Dexter?” he askedContinue reading “Tomcat Tompkins – 91”

Tomcat Tompkins – 90

“Unless, someone enters this place, puts the papers on the table, phones the police, knowing they’d be round here like a shot. But who would know I was coming here, at this time? Who did I tell?” A vexed Tompkins sat down on the captain’s chair by the table. He put his hands together andContinue reading “Tomcat Tompkins – 90”