Lake Bled – 3

Unfortunately, no boatmen appeared to be working where we were, so we hurried round to the Casino, where according to our map, there was another landing stage.  Thankfully, a worried looking elderly man was asking everyone, who was walking by him, whether they wanted to visit the island. We did of course, as did aContinue reading “Lake Bled – 3”

Lake Bled – 2

My travelling companion and I arrived on the shore of Lake Bled near the Castle Baths in mid-afternoon with plenty of time, we thought, to visit the church and ring the bell. Unless you swim, the only way of getting to the island is by gondola, which normally holds around 16 people. Gondoliers ferry peopleContinue reading “Lake Bled – 2”

Lake Bled – 1

Visit the only real island in Slovenia,” said the tourist information brochure, “and ring the wishing bell in the church”. Like kissing the Blarney Stone in Ireland, it sounded very touristy, but was something that a visitor just has to do. The island in question, Blejski Otok, is in Lake Bled. The forested slopes aroundContinue reading “Lake Bled – 1”