The Black Hill Hotel Mystery

Would you like to know what’s on the menu at the Black Hill Hotel? Starter of Kidnapping Main course of Impersonation Dessert of Revenge Someone is leaving tracks in the snow around The Black Hill Hotel and no one can work out why. Inspector Colin Knowles is called in when one of the guests hasContinue reading “The Black Hill Hotel Mystery”

The Scoresby Bookshop Mystery – 3

The third extract Chapter 3 – Thursday, 1st March – 7:45 am Knowles had just started his journey into work when his phone rang. He had admired the daffodils in his garden, which were rewarding his hard work of the winter time, and reflected that the flowers had provided a great way to start StContinue reading “The Scoresby Bookshop Mystery – 3”

The Frisby Waterless Murders

“You’re telling me people pay to investigate the murder of someone who’s not actually dead? People pay to play at being us? For fun?” Detective Sergeant Rod Barnes smiled at the incredulity in the voice of his boss, Colin Knowles. Barnes thought Knowles must have led a sheltered life if he’d never heard of murder/mysteryContinue reading “The Frisby Waterless Murders”