The Scoresby Bookshop Mystery – 2

The second extract from the forthcoming book Chapter 2 – Wednesday, 28th February – 7:30 am Colin Knowles had showered after going for an early morning run. He was about to eat his breakfast when the fight started. Although the cat’s bowls were at the opposite ends of the kitchen, this hadn’t stopped his maleContinue reading “The Scoresby Bookshop Mystery – 2”

The Scoresby Bookshop Mystery – 1

The first extract from my forthcoming book Chapter 1 – Tuesday, February 27th, 10 am, Scoresby “Those are lovely flowers, Sergeant Barnes,” said PC Linda Smythe. “Thanks, Linda,” replied Detective Sergeant Rod Barnes, “I’ve bought them for the boss, who won the verdict against that dangerous driver yesterday – he’s very pleased because he workedContinue reading “The Scoresby Bookshop Mystery – 1”

The Black Hill Hotel

Knowles headed out into the swirling snow. The wind was blowing quite hard as he walked towards the car park. He thought he heard a noise, like a door closing, behind him, but when he looked around there was no one to be seen. He reached the Landrover and inspected it closely; nothing had beenContinue reading “The Black Hill Hotel”