The Scoresby Bookshop Mystery – 4

The fourth extract… Chapter 4 – Friday, 2nd March – 8:15 am “Good morning, Linda” said Knowles, smiling at her with an unusual amount of happiness, “I managed to balance on one of those Bosu Ball things this morning for ten seconds, on one leg – that is the longest I have done it for.”Continue reading “The Scoresby Bookshop Mystery – 4”

The Scoresby Bookshop Mystery – 3

The third extract Chapter 3 – Thursday, 1st March – 7:45 am Knowles had just started his journey into work when his phone rang. He had admired the daffodils in his garden, which were rewarding his hard work of the winter time, and reflected that the flowers had provided a great way to start StContinue reading “The Scoresby Bookshop Mystery – 3”

Manton Rempville – Chapter 3

Knowles placed the statements in a folder and asked Barnes to initiate the investigation of Edward Pritchard’s bank accounts to see whether there were sudden influxes of cash. While Barnes was on the phone, Knowles phoned WPC Smythe to find out what she had found out from Wilkinson’s wife. “Hello, Linda, did you speak toContinue reading “Manton Rempville – Chapter 3”