The village of Fanjeaux was founded on the site of a Roman temple called Fanum Jovis dedicated to the god Jupiter. By the end of the 12th Century Fanjeaux, as with nearby  Bram and Montreal, was the centre of a large Cathar presence mainly concentrated around the weaving and dyeing industries. Some of the ladiesContinue reading “Fanjeaux”


As part of the Treaty of the Pyrenees between France and Spain in 1659, France gained Roussillon and Perpignan, parts of Luxembourg and towns in Flanders such as Arras and Béthune. The treaty set the new border with Spain at the Pyrenees and because of this decision Carcassonne’s importance as a military base dwindled rapidlyContinue reading “Carcassonne”


I visited Montsegur to see the place where the Cathars had made their ‘last stand’ against the besieging forces of the King of France. I was also intrigued about the Cathar treasure many people believe was spirited away during the final days of the siege. By the beginning of 1240 most Cathar leaders, and almostContinue reading “Montsegur”