Extract from Travel Tales from Exotic Places Laying on the verandah of my hotel the crash of the Atlantic Ocean waves is constant. The view both ways along the coastline shows white-topped waves smashing into the boulders and beaches. This is Bathsheba on the East coast of Barbados and it’s not visited by many tourists. In the late afternoonContinue reading “Barbados”

Andromeda Gardens, Part 2

At the end of John’s Path there are some traveller’s palms. The Latin name is Ravenala madagascariensis indicating the plant is originally from Madagascar. It’s not a true palm but rather belongs to the bird-of-paradise family, Strelitziaceae. Ravenala madagascariensis is the sole member of its genus. In Madagascar the Ruffed Lemur is one of theContinue reading “Andromeda Gardens, Part 2”

Bathsheba on Barbados

Bathsheba is situated on the palm tree-lined east coast of Barbados. Waves that have travelled hundreds of miles land rhythmically and hypnotically on the beach every three or four seconds and the water swirls around the erratically shaped boulders that line the shore. The Andromeda Botanical Gardens are located up the hill from the blueContinue reading “Bathsheba on Barbados”