The Leicestershire Waterboarding Duck – 1

Evolution has been kind to the duck family. Ducks are viewed as benign creatures, who wouldn’t say boo to a goose. However, don’t be fooled by the ducks that have survived through to the modern day. A few centuries ago a particular branch of the duck family, called the waterboarding ducks, were found in partsContinue reading “The Leicestershire Waterboarding Duck – 1”

Dancing around the windmill

The concept of the Village Idiot is a long-held tradition that was refined to its highest degree in rural Somerset in the thirteen hundreds. At that time the position of Village Idiot was an official job title and had a salary, though it was paid in acorns. Both men and women could apply for theContinue reading “Dancing around the windmill”

Scargill’s Gannet – 2

An adult Scargill’s Gannet would be roughly two feet high with a sharp beak and light-brown plumage. It’s thought they built their nests in tall trees overlooking grasslands, allowing them to sit on their nests and look for their prey at the same time. Scientists speculate that this apparent lack of exercise might have ledContinue reading “Scargill’s Gannet – 2”

Walking the Weasel in Cleckheaton

According to the Lindisfarne Chronicles, “Walking the ways all” was an annual tradition in all Anglo-Saxon towns. The third Thursday in July was set aside for the townsfolk to walk along the common pathways and re-establish their right to frequent these paths. According to the English Common Law, if this annual reclamation wasn’t performed theseContinue reading “Walking the Weasel in Cleckheaton”

Scargill’s Gannet – 1

Scargill’s Gannet has been extinct for about three hundred years. Whereas the seabird called the gannet has numerous colonies around the British coast, the numbers of Scargill’s Gannets gradually dwindled away until none were left. Scientists discovered skeletons of this bird embedded in logs and branches – their beaks stuck fast in the wood. It’sContinue reading “Scargill’s Gannet – 1”

Great Sunda Chameleon Fish – 3

It’s estimated Chameleon Fish spend about 80% of their time looking like other fish, a statistic which makes it difficult to know whether their numbers are in decline or not. Suffice to say, if the reader is swimming in the seas around Indonesia or the Philippines and sees a fish transform into another fish, youContinue reading “Great Sunda Chameleon Fish – 3”

Great Sunda Chameleon Fish – 2

By behaving this way, the chameleon fish can assume the colour and size of about 50 other species of fish in the surrounding seas, all of them much larger and more imposing than the Chameleon Fish. The fish can maintain this disguise for up to eight hours, before they have to revert to their normalContinue reading “Great Sunda Chameleon Fish – 2”

The Great Sunda Chameleon Fish – 1

In the seas around Indonesia lives an unusual fish, the Great Sunda Chameleon Fish. The fish is named after the Great Sunda islands, which include Borneo, Sumatra, and Java. As the reader can judge from the name, this fish can change its colour at will to fit in with its surroundings. However, this is onlyContinue reading “The Great Sunda Chameleon Fish – 1”

Dosseroo – 3

Dosseroos were believed to be modest creatures and would only try and mate if a male and female dosseroo accidentally climbed into a pouch at the same time. Any young dosseroos would inevitably be brought up in a large number of different pouches, which is why it’s believed these marsupials lost their sense of belongingContinue reading “Dosseroo – 3”

Poodle Shark – 2

Although the poodle sharks are fearsome fighters they tend to be rather delicate and discerning eaters, tearing off only as much flesh as they thought they could eat at any time. They took this flesh to deep water where it is chewed thoroughly before returning to the fray. The number of Poodle Sharks declined dramaticallyContinue reading “Poodle Shark – 2”