Dolphin Friendly Cheddar Cheese Producers (DFCCP)

This organisation promotes animal welfare and ensures that no harm comes to any dolphins during the production of cheddar cheese by its members. The cows whose milk is used in the production of the cheese are gently persuaded to enter the milking shed, either by being given a gentle push by the farmer or byContinue reading “Dolphin Friendly Cheddar Cheese Producers (DFCCP)”

Dry Stone Walling in Littondale

“I can build a better stone wall than you can,” “My wall is straighter than yours,” and “My stone wall is longer than yours” were all familiar brags in fifteenth-century Yorkshire when the farmers were building walls around Littondale to enclose their sheep and cows.   After 100 years of controversy and shoving between rivalContinue reading “Dry Stone Walling in Littondale”

The Banxie – Orkney Islands – 2

Nests built by Lesser Great Skuas use sticks from many different trees and the bird creates wonderfully colourful nests as a result. The bird uses its strong beak to weave sticks together and the resulting creations look like wreaths. The RSPB has now taken to selling these creations to tourists as keepsakes of their visitContinue reading “The Banxie – Orkney Islands – 2”

The More-Spotted Sooty Owl of Brecon – 2

The owl uses its claws to walk up the trunks of trees, so as not to cause any noise by the flapping of its wings. This cunning creature will also keep its presence unknown by walking up the trunk on the side of the tree furthest away from potential prey, thus maintaining the element ofContinue reading “The More-Spotted Sooty Owl of Brecon – 2”

The Green Fox – 2

With their ability to walk and sprint after prey severely depleted the number of green foxes began to fall. As a result, the numbers of the prey typically caught by foxes, such as rabbits, songbirds, and rats began to rebound. The increase in prey would have led to the green fox’s regeneration, if the lastContinue reading “The Green Fox – 2”

The Banxie – Orkney Islands – 1

In the Orkney Islands, off the North-East coast of Scotland, there are found many well-known types of Skua, such as the Great Skua and the Arctic Skua. The Great Skua is known as the Bonxie and is a murderous bird that mugs other birds for their food. There is another type of Skua, less well-known,Continue reading “The Banxie – Orkney Islands – 1”

The More-Spotted Sooty Owl of Brecon – 1

The More-Spotted Sooty Owl lives in South Wales and is pitch black with a prevalence of white spots covering the feathers. The winter plumage contains more spots than the summer plumage. The owl’s chiefly found in the western part of the Brecon Beacons National Park in the area from Crai towards Myddfai and Llandeilo. ThisContinue reading “The More-Spotted Sooty Owl of Brecon – 1”

The Green Fox – 1

The Green Fox lived in the lowlands of Scotland before the last ice age where its green coat allowed it to hunt freely in the fields and grasslands of the region. This natural camouflage meant the fox was able to pick off its prey with ease and the numbers of green foxes proliferated to suchContinue reading “The Green Fox – 1”

Leicestershire Waterboarding Duck – 2

The other tactic used by the waterboarding duck was to force other ducks to dabble by grabbing their throat and forcing their head under water. The duck would by nature try and feed and then once it had caught something, again the waterboarding duck would steal its food. The behaviour of the waterboarding ducks alienatedContinue reading “Leicestershire Waterboarding Duck – 2”

Turtle Rinsing in London

It’s a little-known fact that every turtle that swims up the River Thames past Tower Bridge into the Pool of London becomes the property and responsibility of the monarch. This rule is part of the Common Law of England and dates back to the time of Queen Matilda in the 12th Century. The Royal TurtleContinue reading “Turtle Rinsing in London”