The Milk in First Society

Many teas taste delicious with milk, particularly stronger teas such as Assam, where the milk tempers the strong flavour. Generally, the lighter the tea, the less likely it is that it needs milk. Green, white and yellow teas as well as aromatic and floral teas should be drunk without milk. The big question when makingContinue reading “The Milk in First Society”

The Nutter Rabbit of Hunstanton – 1

In the interglacial periods of the last 2.5 million years, strange animals lived for short periods of time, before dying out when the next glacial period, or Ice Age, occurred. These animals are only known because of the fossil record they have left. One such animal that palaeontologists have recently discovered in East Anglia isContinue reading “The Nutter Rabbit of Hunstanton – 1”

Pont du Gard

This famous aqueduct and bridge, visible from airplanes heading to Marseilles-Provence Airport, is between Remoulins and Vers-Pont du Gardon, 13 miles from Avignon. The Pont-du-Gard was built in just five years using 51,000 tons of stone. No mortar was used. The structure is on three levels – the first two are the arches of theContinue reading “Pont du Gard”

Dyke Leaping in Lincolnshire

The sport of dyke leaping has been taking place in the Fens and Lincolnshire since the time of Hereward the Wake and his insurrection against the Norman invaders.   Each village in the counties of Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, and Western Norfolk has their own festival each year to celebrate Hereward’s successful evasion of the Norman invasion.Continue reading “Dyke Leaping in Lincolnshire”

Shearing and Knitting in Llandrindod Wells

Wales has a glorious tradition of producing garments made from wool and the fur of other animals such as weasels and badgers. These animals became particularly important during the great sheep blight of the 1710s when the wool of the sheep became unusable for clothing because the lanolin content was almost nil.   However, thereContinue reading “Shearing and Knitting in Llandrindod Wells”

Dolphin Friendly Cheddar Cheese Producers (DFCCP)

This organisation promotes animal welfare and ensures that no harm comes to any dolphins during the production of cheddar cheese by its members. The cows whose milk is used in the production of the cheese are gently persuaded to enter the milking shed, either by being given a gentle push by the farmer or byContinue reading “Dolphin Friendly Cheddar Cheese Producers (DFCCP)”

Causse de Larzac – Templars and Cheese

The Causses are a group of limestone plateaux (700 – 1,200 metres above sea level) in the Massif Central of France. They are bordered to the north-west by the Limousin and the Périgord uplands, and to the east by L’Aubrac and the Cévennes. Causse is an Occitan word meaning “limestone plateau”. The Causse de LarzacContinue reading “Causse de Larzac – Templars and Cheese”

Animal Gambling in the Forest of Dean

Before the days of casinos and one-armed bandits in pubs people found many different ways to gamble. People would sometimes bet on two flies crawling up a wall; if someone’s wall was missing they’d bet on the number of raindrops falling on someone’s hat in their front room or the number of leaves that blewContinue reading “Animal Gambling in the Forest of Dean”

Dry Stone Walling in Littondale

“I can build a better stone wall than you can,” “My wall is straighter than yours,” and “My stone wall is longer than yours” were all familiar brags in fifteenth-century Yorkshire when the farmers were building walls around Littondale to enclose their sheep and cows.   After 100 years of controversy and shoving between rivalContinue reading “Dry Stone Walling in Littondale”