The Silver Jackdaw of Bratislava – 2

The most important bird in the Silver Jackdaw gang is called the sentinel. This bird watches people as they go about their daily business in the villages and towns in the mountains. Silver Jackdaw sentinels recognise those people who have previously lost coins or taken their rings off in public and had them stolen. TheContinue reading “The Silver Jackdaw of Bratislava – 2”

Cat Chasing in Barton-in-the-Beans

Barton-in-the-Beans is a village in the county of Leicestershire in the heart of England. In the Middle Ages it was believed that there were more cats in the village than in any other village or town in the country. This could only mean one thing in those times: witches.  Lots of them. There was noContinue reading “Cat Chasing in Barton-in-the-Beans”

The Silver Jackdaw of Bratislava – 1

The Silver Jackdaw of Bratislava is a little known offshoot of the Corvidae family of birds. In the summer, Silver Jackdaws migrate from the area between Bratislava and Vienna to the High Tatra Mountains in Eastern Slovakia and Poland where they build nests well out of the sight of humans. The reason for this isContinue reading “The Silver Jackdaw of Bratislava – 1”

Obscene Vegetable Growing in Chillingham

Carrots, potatoes, and cucumbers have often caused amusement to men who find that the shapes of these vegetables resemble parts of their own anatomy. It’s believed that the monastery on Lindisfarne was the first to ban these particular vegetables from their kitchen garden in the 8th Century. This was due to the Abbot’s belief thatContinue reading “Obscene Vegetable Growing in Chillingham”

Humane Mousetrap Society (HUMOTSO)

To be accepted into this elite group, prospective entrants must demonstrate they’ve invented a mousetrap that no one else has thought of. The trap must not kill the mouse, so bringing your hungry pet cat to the entrance exam won’t work. Would-be members have one hour to show their trap will work in an areaContinue reading “Humane Mousetrap Society (HUMOTSO)”

The Howling Rat of Brindisi – 2

Some of the rats in Brindisi, those descended from North African rats, carried on this howling on dry land and used to howl whenever they were hungry, causing fear and loathing within the local human population. When hunting the rats failed, the local bishop of Brindisi asked St Francis to come to his city andContinue reading “The Howling Rat of Brindisi – 2”

Three Sons of Carcassonne

Perched on a narrow rocky outcrop, the magnificent castle of Queribus stands at an altitude of 728 metres. The castle was first mentioned in 1020 as part of the County of Besalù, then of Barcelona and was held as a royal fortress by the house of Aragon in 1162. During the Albigensian Crusade the ownersContinue reading “Three Sons of Carcassonne”

4,000 Holes Society

This movement started in Blackburn, Lancashire as mentioned in The Beatles song “A Day in the Life”, but soon spread throughout the North of England as local people became fed up with the state of the roads in their towns. The movement elected its first councillor in Hebden Bridge in 2007 and now has electedContinue reading “4,000 Holes Society”

The Howling Rat of Brindisi – 1

The Howling Rat of Brindisi is a semi-mythical creature connected with the legendary ability of St Francis of Assisi to talk to animals. Brindisi is a port on the east coast of Italy and has been receiving ships from all over the world for centuries. In olden times, each ship that berthed would inevitably disgorgeContinue reading “The Howling Rat of Brindisi – 1”