Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Aldous should have toned down his inclination to use his wide vocabulary in favour of a more mantra-like style that would have been more in keeping with the ideas in the book. This book describes a bland yet menacing society where spontaneous and creative ideas and thoughts are no longer tolerated due to the rearingContinue reading “Brave New World by Aldous Huxley”

Not on Any Map

These places will NOT be found an any map or in any atlas. This book describes a large number of little-known tourist sights from around the world. A book for the discerning traveller who has been everywhere else. Read about the earwax museum called Monsieur Tussauds in London and the unhappy beaches of The Maldives.Continue reading “Not on Any Map”

Dr Sally by PG Wodehouse

A superb PG Wodehouse story where aged golfer Sir Hugo Drake falls for the shot-making abilities of a beautiful woman doctor called, you’ve guessed it, Dr Sally Smith. The thing is his good-for-nothing nephew Bill Bannister falls for her too, but not for golfing reasons, whilst intending to ask Mrs Higginbotham to marry him. MrsContinue reading “Dr Sally by PG Wodehouse”

Isvik by Hammond Innes

This is a real page turner. An old wooden ship is trapped in the Antarctic ice. It set sail from Argentina to the Falkland Islands two years after the war between the UK and Argentina was over. Why was this, what was the plan, and how did it end up embedded in the ice inContinue reading “Isvik by Hammond Innes”

The Birds by Tarjei Vesaas

Mattis is the main character of this book that deals with human relations, emotions, and sensitivities. It’s about relationships between people and between people and nature. Mattis lives with his sister Hege in the Norwegian countryside near a forest and by a lake. He’s extraordinarily aware of nature and changes in the natural environment. HeContinue reading “The Birds by Tarjei Vesaas”

The Glass Pearls by Emeric Pressburger

Karl Braun is a cultured German gentleman who works as a piano tuner in the London of the mid 1960s. Many of his fellow emigres assume like them he fled to England to avoid the Nazis. In the summer of 1965 he courts one woman, is pursued by another, and attends classical concerts. The newspapersContinue reading “The Glass Pearls by Emeric Pressburger”

Diary of a Buddhist Cat – Page 7

This is Page 7 from the book Diary of a Buddhist Cat ============================================================== “It’s my first morning here,” I reply. “I don’t know where they serve breakfast, do I?”  “Have you never seen a tea-bag before?”  “Not a purple one, no, they’re usually brown and taste of tea.”  “These human gaolers are pretentious and drinkContinue reading “Diary of a Buddhist Cat – Page 7”

Diary of a Buddhist Cat – Page 6

This is Page 6 from the book Diary of a Buddhist Cat ============================================================== The final dining option is some small, sandy-coloured nuts that are salty and arranged in an inartistic manner on a small saucer. These are crunchy too and I decide it’s best to swallow them whole rather than use my gnashers to breakContinue reading “Diary of a Buddhist Cat – Page 6”

Diary of a Buddhist Cat – Page 5

This is Page 5 from the book Diary of a Buddhist Cat ============================================================== I wake up on my first morning in my new dwelling. I find my litter tray, at least I assume it’s mine, and make a good job of everything, pushing the pieces into a corner like my mum taught me so theyContinue reading “Diary of a Buddhist Cat – Page 5”

Office Life – Book Discount

5 Days in the life of an English office – you can buy it here There’s lots of banter and insults flying around in this story. One person goes to the wrong place for the weekend, another has horrible personal habits, and a couple have sex over a desk when no one is watching, butContinue reading “Office Life – Book Discount”