Gemma the cat – Agony Aunt

Gemma and Freddie – newspaper column extract Dear Gemma, My name is Alex and I am a three-year old tabby cat from Coquitlam. Do you know anything about the Winter Festival? Gemma says: Alex you are a politically correct cat. I call the Winter Festival the Crispmouse Holidays, when cats like you Alex are supposedContinue reading “Gemma the cat – Agony Aunt”

Gemma the cat – Agony Aunt 3

Gemma and Freddie – newspaper column extract Dear Gemma: My name is Elizabeth and I am a one-year old hamster from New Westminster. I want to escape.  Do you have any advice? Gemma says: Our gaolers are going on holiday from December 4th to December 20th inclusive. Perhaps you could stay with us? (We haven’tContinue reading “Gemma the cat – Agony Aunt 3”

Gemma the cat – Agony Aunt 2

Gemma and Freddie – newspaper column extract Dear Gemma: My name is Percy and I am a seven-year old dachshund from Burnaby. My owners are going on holiday to Mexico for one week and then moving house. Do you have any advice? Gemma says: Yes, Percy, I hope Mexi Cow is bigger than the cowsContinue reading “Gemma the cat – Agony Aunt 2”

The cat plays a game

Freddie and Gemma both used to play a game on me. The game would start when I was sitting right in front of the cat. The cat would suddenly look over my shoulder with great intensity and stare at the wall behind me. I would look at the cat and say “What’s the matter, Freddie?”Continue reading “The cat plays a game”

Cat under the bath

About six months after the incident with the walling, we decided to have the bath replaced. This work should have been done within the day, but the taps still hadn’t been fitted by the time the workmen left. There was only a small hole at the head of the bath, but before retiring to bedContinue reading “Cat under the bath”

Cat in the Wall

When we moved house, some of the drywalling in the basement needed replacing. There was one particular section where a piece about seven-feet high and ten-feet across needed removing. The workmen had finished most of the job, but there was still a small section about two-feet high, but five feet above the ground, that hadn’tContinue reading “Cat in the Wall”

Freddie in the Douglas Fir

After many successful forays into the garden, Freddie suddenly decided that he wanted to start climbing things such as the fence and trees. He found the fence very hard to navigate as he didn’t have the strength to pull himself up the links. Trees on the other hand weren’t too difficult and he enjoyed climbingContinue reading “Freddie in the Douglas Fir”