Dolphin Friendly Cheddar Cheese Producers (DFCCP)

Extract from the book – 40 Strange Groups This organisation promotes animal welfare and ensures that no harm comes to any dolphins during the production of cheddar cheese by its members. The cows whose milk is used in the production of the cheese are gently persuaded to enter the milking shed, either by being givenContinue reading “Dolphin Friendly Cheddar Cheese Producers (DFCCP)”

Beaver Introduction Society of the UK

Extract from the book – 40 Strange Groups This society believes that beavers should be introduced into all areas of the UK where streams and brooks regularly overflow their banks. They cite examples in the south west of England, where the recent introduction of beavers had led to less flooding during the rainy winters. BeaversContinue reading “Beaver Introduction Society of the UK”

The Toasted Caiman

The Toasted Caiman, also known as the Lesser Black Caiman, is found in the rivers of South America. Its range is from Surinam to Peru, with the main concentration in the 880,000 square kilometre Orinoco Basin on the borders of Colombia and Venezuela. This caiman grows to a length of around five metres and isContinue reading “The Toasted Caiman”

Humane Mousetrap Society

Extract from the book – 40 Strange Groups To be accepted into this elite group, prospective entrants must demonstrate they’ve invented a mousetrap that no one else has thought of. The trap must not kill the mouse, so bringing your hungry pet cat to the entrance exam won’t work. Would-be members have one hour toContinue reading “Humane Mousetrap Society”

Fruit Falcon of St Lucia

The Fruit Falcon of St Lucia is unique in the Falco genus in being the only one that hunts for fruit, although the bird’s hunting methods resemble those of the other members of the genus. The falcon stands about a foot high, with a wingspan of approximately 18 inches. The fruit of the ackee growsContinue reading “Fruit Falcon of St Lucia”

The Great Sunda Chameleon Fish

In the seas around Indonesia lives an unusual fish, the Great Sunda Chameleon Fish. The fish is named after the Great Sunda islands, which include Borneo, Sumatra, and Java. As the reader can judge from the name, this fish can change its colour at will to fit in with its surroundings. However, this is onlyContinue reading “The Great Sunda Chameleon Fish”

The Bactrian Heron

The Bactrian Heron is chiefly found along the length of the Amu Darya River as it flows from the Pamir Mountains to the Aral Sea in Central Asia. This heron feeds on most of the local fish including the gudgeon, the Turkestan catfish, and the many brown trout in the river. The Amu Darya isContinue reading “The Bactrian Heron”

The Blue Bat of Bali

The Wallace Line is a faunal boundary line drawn in 1859 by the British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace that separates the ecozones of Asia and Wallacea, a transitional zone between Asia and Australia. The line runs through the Lombok Strait between Bali and Lombok. The distance between Bali and Lombok is about 22 miles andContinue reading “The Blue Bat of Bali”

Backscratcher Penguin

The BackScratcher Penguin has a very broad end to its beak. Like the Adelie penguin, the beak is almost completely covered with feathers, which allows heat to be conserved. The Backscratcher’s beak is extremely hard, but the feathers cushion the hardness, making it an ideal instrument to provide back massages to other species of penguin.Continue reading “Backscratcher Penguin”