The Poodle Shark

The Poodle Shark is so called because of the round knobs of cartilage that were found at the top and bottom of its tail, on the top of its dorsal fin, and on the ends of its pectoral fins. These round protuberances hindered the shark’s passage through the water, slowing its progress by about 20%Continue reading “The Poodle Shark”

The Andalusian Ferret

Ferrets are regarded as fierce creatures whose demeanour indicates a pent-up aggression towards everything, most of all towards their prey. Whilst this is true of almost all ferrets, there is one honourable exception, the Andalusian or Moorish Ferret. According to the natural histories of Northern Africa, the Andalusian Ferrets, owned by the Moorish aristocracy, wereContinue reading “The Andalusian Ferret”

She’s Coming For You – Chapter 11

The monitors at the police headquarters in Santiago de Compostela showed the large crowds of people around the cathedral, picked up by the closed-circuit TV cameras. The large open square, known as the Praza da Obradoiro, was full of people adorned with scallop shells, carrying rucksacks and thumb sticks, and wearing waterproofs and boots. MostContinue reading “She’s Coming For You – Chapter 11”

She’s Coming For You – Chapter 10

Pat Walker sat back in her seat by the window. She’d had a wonderful time in Valladolid, especially in the Plaza Major later the previous evening. Her new clothes fitted in with those around her and she’d removed her coat, hat, and sunglasses and hoped she blended in.  She helped a small, grey-haired lady putContinue reading “She’s Coming For You – Chapter 10”

She’s Coming For You – Chapter 9

Valladolid has a bewildering array of churches, statues, palaces, and plazas. I started in the Plaza Mayor, built after a fire in the 16th century. The buildings are all painted in a rich red colour, including the Ayuntamiento or City Hall, which takes pride of place on the northern side. This plaza was the firstContinue reading “She’s Coming For You – Chapter 9”

She’s Coming For You – Chapter 8

Pat Walker had a single seat for her journey to Valladolid from Burgos. She placed her bag on the rack and glanced through the window at the police presence on the platform. According to the posters, a tourist had been attacked two days ago near this station. There was no description of the attacker, butContinue reading “She’s Coming For You – Chapter 8”

She’s Coming For You – Chapter 7

The tall man with three day’s growth of beard leaned against the black flag on the wall and listened to his friend talking on a satellite phone. Rapid bursts of Arabic were being exchanged as the evening sunshine came through the blinds and cast a shadow over the paintings on the wall. There was aContinue reading “She’s Coming For You – Chapter 7”

She’s Coming For You – Chapter 5

The train from Pamplona arrived at the station called Rosa de Lima on the edge of the city of Burgos. Buses to the centre of the city run roughly every thirty minutes – there was an electronic schedule to the right just before I exited the station – and the best destination to alight isContinue reading “She’s Coming For You – Chapter 5”

She’s Coming For You – Chapter 4

Pat Walker sat in her seat and watched the world go by. Fields the colour of lightly toasted bread, haystacks, power lines, low scrubland and villages on hillsides were all becoming more of a blur as the train picked up speed, leaving the traffic on the road in its wake. Tractors came and went andContinue reading “She’s Coming For You – Chapter 4”