British Traditions

has many strange, yet real, traditions such as
  • Bog Snorkelling 
  • Bonfire Night
  • Cheese Rolling
  • Haxey Hood
I thought I would write a book, called 40 Humourous British Traditions, that describes 40 more traditions in a similar vein. I made them up. There’s an example here.
The question is: are the real ones more ridiculous than the made-up traditions? If you like English humour this might be the book for you. Or it might not.
All the stories in this book are distinct and can be read independently; this is a book for the busy individual who has a spare five minutes to discover the secrets of Biscuit Rolling.
Will you be tempted to take up these traditions yourself and start something amazing?
  • Amateur Psychologists can gain a better understanding of the British and their way of life by reading about Turtle Rinsing in London, Arrow Catching in Staffordshire, and Animal Gambling in the Forest of Dean.
  • Armchair travellers can discover where a Duck Quacking contest, a Pipe Cleaner Festival, and a Thimble Throwing competition take place.
  • Former athletes and DIY enthusiasts can marvel at people’s spitting, blowing, and digging exploits.
  • Sports enthusiasts can wonder whether they would succeed in Kite Races through forests, Spoon Balancing contests, and Seven-legged Races near old cathedrals.
 There’s something for all readers in this book.