Animals Evolution Avoided

Evolution avoided some animals.
Here are some examples from the book:
 The Central American Tern is the world’s most restless migratory bird, flying from Northern Mexico to the jungles of Columbia and back again up to six times a year. Avian experts believe that the original Central American Terns were the product of relationships between Arctic Terns and Antarctic Terns who were resting in Central America when they were on their long annual migrations.
 The Howling Rat of Brindisi is a semi-mythical creature connected with the legendary ability of St Francis of Assisi to talk to animals. Brindisi is a port on the east coast of Italy and has been receiving ships from all over the world for centuries. In olden times, each ship that berthed would inevitably disgorge a certain number of rats who would be anxious for shore leave after a perilous voyage across the sea.
 There are 38 others to read about including:
The Squirrel Hawk from Ecuador
The Poodle Shark from the Pacific Ocean
The Backscratcher Penguin from the Antarctic.