The Goat Parva Murders – 37

This excerpt is from the book entitled The Goat Parva Murders an English Murder Mystery book set in the countryside, starring two policemen who have been working together for a few years and get along really well. There’s lots of dialogue and banter with some humour thrown in amongst the murders and suspects.


Barnes interjected “You said people I definitely saw – who else did you think you might have seen?”


At this point Antonia Avon suddenly yawned. She got up and walked out of the room draining the remaining contents of her glass.


“Who was it you might have seen, Claude?”


“Well I thought I saw that Barry Janus man over by the badger sett but I couldn’t be sure as there were many branches in the way; I am pretty sure I saw Carol Herald running away from the glade in the direction of Madeley Waterless, but again I can’t be sure. There was someone else too near the glade but they were lying down – I just saw the light reflect off their binoculars once or twice. Poppy was there too practicing her Buddhism”


“There was quite a crowd out this morning wasn’t there?”


“No more so than usual,” said Claude, “whenever I am taking pictures over there I am never alone. The only person I saw this morning who’s not normally there was Mrs Hills.”


“And she was only there because her usual morning walk around Doggett’s Field was blocked off because of the previous murder.”


“Yah right – of course – that was yesterday morning – seems ages ago now; I saw Carol Herald then too – she was lurking in the woods by the Baker-Clements house.”


“Are you sure it was her?”


“Almost 100% sure; I got a better look than today as she was staying still hoping not to be seen I think.”

Published by Julian Worker

Julian was born in Leicester, attended school in Yorkshire, and university in Liverpool. He has been to 94 countries and territories and intends to make the 100 when travel is easier. He writes travel books, murder / mysteries and absurd fiction. His sense of humour is distilled from The Marx Brothers, Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, and Midsomer Murders. His latest book is about a Buddhist cat who tries to help his squirrel friend fly further from a children's slide.

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