This excerpt is from the book entitled 40 Strange Groups. Little is known about these organisations, hence the shortness of the book and the low price of less than a dollar. But, if you twisted my arm, I would admit that I’d make them up.


Creationists believe that the universe is around 7,000 years old and that the sun, moon, and stars all came into being on the same day as per the book of Genesis. Creationists in North and South Carolina believe that solar panels are the work of the devil as these panels suck the power out of the sun and so they are interfering in God’s work and with God’s creation. They believe the sun’s power should be shared only by those who believe in God and those who believe God created the world and the universe. Having this power taken by evolutionists to heat their homes and water is not part of God’s great plan. Another group of Carolina Creationists are against wind turbines as they believe the wind is part of God’s celestial breath and that some people, such as atheists, agnostics and Buddhists, shouldn’t benefit from something created by an entity they don’t believe in.


Laverne Shaugnessy is CACRASP’s spokesperson: “We oppose all solar panel construction as the heat generated by the sun is God’s heat and he sure doesn’t want it being used for the benefit of those who don’t believe in him. We don’t want our members to have any panels, even for themselves, just in case they unwittingly share the electricity generated by the panels with a non-believer, or heaven forbid, an evolutionist. Even sharing a cup of coffee brewed at home with them would be sacrilegious.”