“Well I have searched the whole house and I still can’t find it,” said Sebastian, absent-mindedly stroking his female cat Gemma. His pipe lay smoking slightly in a wooden bowl.

“The only place left is the attic,” said his wife Esme and shrugged her shoulders, “I hope we haven’t thrown it out.”

“We should look right now,” said her husband, and started off up the stairs, “we’ll need that telescope for the eclipse tonight out at Callanish.”

Esme smiled and thought of the stone circle in the moonlight. Sebastian got to the top of the stairs and reached up for the ladder that gave them access to the attic. Outside the wind howled as it sped across the Island of Lewis heading for the Scottish mainland. The ladder screeched as it hit the ground with a gentle thud.

Sebastian placed his foot on the first rung and removed the cover in the ceiling. He climbed two more rungs and hauled himself into the attic.

Esme heard some banging around and then a muffled shout of success. She went into the kitchen where the curry was cooking in low heat. She poured Sebastian a coffee and walked up the stairs to see what he had found.

He appeared at the attic entrance carrying a large box, which he put down, before clambering down on to the ladder. He then grabbed the box and gingerly reversed down the remaining rungs, grinning at Esme and nodding at his find.

“I don’t recognize that,” said Esme, “what is it?”