Some recent reviews for my book – The Goat Parva Murders – available here

  1. This British based cozy mystery is a romp. The characters in Goat Parva are anything but ordinary -being involved in bed hopping, stalking, strident animal liberation. The characters and their activities are depicted with a tongue-in-cheek touch of humour which is very enjoyable and well written.
    Several members of a group of voyeurs are murdered, but how, if at all, is that connected to the animal shelter and its workers? It is up to Inspector Knowles and his offsider Sergeant Barnes to discover what is going on amid the many comings and goings in and out of the woods. They’re a very active lot at Goat Parva – retriever Bingo and his owner Adelaide Hills not the least.
  2. Well darn it this book is like a maze when you think you found the exit it’s another dead end no pun intended, it’s filled with a lot of twists some perverted others just whacked. Detective Knowles and Barnes had a time of it but their studiousness and unwavering investigating skills paid off. Bingo had the nose for finding things especially bodies, and it was his brilliant retriever’s nose that helps solve the murders, what a dog. A most intriguing sometimes frustrating but always engaging book, the storyline is an excellent one and the characters are great from deranging to psychotic even too loving, it was hilarious at some points. I would definitely say this has been a captivating and intriguing story that was very entertaining and enjoyable.