Downhill Skateboarding – 4

Excerpt from the book Sports the Olympics Forgot This book describes 40 sports that ought to be played but aren’t, because I made them up.


The other event held is the long jump. A specially built sandpit three hundred feet long and 3 yards wide is the designated landing area. Boarders take off from a 30-foot ramp that’s inclined at a 20 degree angle. The boarder must land on his board and not on his feet otherwise a no-jump is registered. There are six rounds of jumping as in traditional athletics events. The most exciting element is the run-up to the take-off ramp, which can be up to one mile long depending on the comfort levels of the boarder in the event. As might be expected there have been many accidents, which is why the sandpit is surrounded by padded cushions that envelope the boarder on impact. The longest jump ever recorded was 276 feet nine inches by Harald Erbst from Germany taking the full mile run-up.

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