The fifth Inspector Knowles book is now available here – entitled the Melton Lazars Mystery.

A bookseller is killed with a cricket bat.

Inspector Colin Knowles was developing feelings for the bookseller, but he has to put those to one side, so he can investigate her death along with his sidekick Detective Sergeant Rod Barnes.

Then the killer tries to kill a florist, but she’s spared because of a suggestion Knowles made – he saved her life.Knowles and Barnes root through the witness statements, leaf through the evidence, and assimilate the findings that stem from the investigation.

When events shift to the nearby village of Melton Lazars, Knowles and Barnes know it’s only a matter of time until the killer is caught, though it’s almost certainly not the time on the grandmother clock in the florists!

With inaccurate clocks, a sensitive bank manager, cocky DIY professionals, a Guy Fawkes mask, and an exotic call centre worker all thrown together, this book zips along at a fast pace until the revelatory final chapter.