Places not on Google Maps – Paris

Extracts from the following book – Places not on Google Maps

Jardin de Belgique

This is a small garden near the Bastille Opera. Everything in the garden is either a chocolate brown colour, the colour of white chocolate, or has chocolate in its name such as the following items: Tropical Hibiscus “Crème de Cacao”, Flowering Tobacco “Hot Chocolate”, Columbine “Chocolate”, Daylily “Sweet Hot Chocolate”, Dahlia “Chocolate Sundae”, Whipple’s Beard-tongue “Chocolate Drop”, Oriental Poppy “Royal Chocolate Distinction” and the Pansy “Velour Frosted Chocolate”.

The Maginot Line Museum

This museum of the defensive feature has an entrance charge if you enter via the front door. However, if the visitor heads around the side and goes in via the rear entrance then there is no charge.


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