The Blue Bat of Bali – 1

The Wallace Line is a faunal boundary line drawn in 1859 by the British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace that separates the ecozones of Asia and Wallacea, a transitional zone between Asia and Australia. The line runs through the Lombok Strait between Bali and Lombok. The distance between Bali and Lombok is about 22 miles and many bird species observe the line as most birds don’t cross open ocean water. One bat that observes this line is the Blue Bat of Bali, which has no equivalent on Lombok.

The Blue Bat is about eighteen inches high and has a wingspan of two feet.  The Blue Bat is unique because it flies around during the day and the blue colour provides some camouflage against the tropical skies. The bat is primarily a fruit-eater and uses eyesight and echolocation to land on the fruit trees.

This is an extract from the book Animals Evolution Avoided

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