Jaipur Pythons will pick fruit from a tree and take it back to its lair for storage. These pythons tend not to gorge themselves on food as this would slow them down if they had to escape. The snake has no poison and the only time it constricts is when it wraps part of its body around a branch and then shakes the branch to remove the fruit. This saves time for the snake. Occasionally, they will wrap their body around the top of a large vegetable and then pull this out of the ground, but this only happens when the snake is hungry.

Jaipur Pythons are even tempered creatures and have only been known to act strangely when they have eaten too much fermented fruit. The snakes build their homes close to a source of fresh water. The snake swims in lakes and rivers, but will only consume vegetative matter such as water lily bulbs.

This is an extract from the book Animals Evolution Avoided