Lake Bled – 5

After half-an-hour of fairly vigorous oarsmanship, we landed on the island. One other boat was leaving as we arrived, so we had the island and the bell all to ourselves. We walked up the stairway, built in the 17th Century, past the Chaplain’s House and the Provost’s House towards the 14th century Baroque church and its 15th century bell-tower.

At this point, I couldn’t make up my mind what to wish for and, as the sun would soon go behind the mountains, I thought I should take a couple of pictures, whilst my fellow boat passengers made their wishes and rang the bell. As I rested my camera on a wall to take a long exposure picture of the lake, the bell rang once. I took another picture of the lake and the bell rang twice.

I walked over to take a picture of the bell-tower and the bell rang four times, in quick succession, as one of my fellow boat traveller’s wishes came true for a fleeting second and then disappeared.

Extract from Julian’s Journeys

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