Unfortunately, no boatmen appeared to be working where we were, so we hurried round to the Casino, where according to our map, there was another landing stage.  Thankfully, a worried looking elderly man was asking everyone, who was walking by him, whether they wanted to visit the island. We did of course, as did a pair of Hungarian sisters and a French couple, so the six of us sat in his boat expecting to go straightaway. “I need ten to visit the island,” said the gondolier, helpfully holding up his hands like a surrendering soldier, “but if no-one come in ten minutes” again he held up his hands, “we go to island to make a wish”.

If visitors could make this bell ring exactly 3 times, whatever they wished for would come true, so I tried to think of a wish for that time. Right then my only wish was “I hope at least four more people arrive very soon”. The gondolier continued to enquire of everyone who went by, even locals, whether they wanted to go to the island, but none did. He shouted at friends to ask them to find someone, he whistled at acquaintances and waved at people out of earshot, indicating there was a boat going to Blejski Otok.