Plitvice Lakes – 7

The red spot route, starting from Entrance 2 goes around all the lakes in a clockwise direction. Yellow and Blue spots denoted different routes, which go around the Lower Lakes in either direction. The Grey and Orange square routes are designed for groups to use; these paths are slightly higher on some of the hillsides and a lot wider, whilst the Green spot route mimics the Red spot, but commences at Entrance 1.

Every twenty minutes there are land trains between the two entrance gates and to the trailhead near the Labudovac Falls on the eastern side of the National Park. There are also regular boat services on Lake Kozjak, which is more or less the divide between Upper and the Lower Lakes.

One ferry, taking approximately 3 minutes goes across the narrow width of the lake from East (Boat Landing 1) to West (Boat Landing 2) near Entrance 2. Another ferry service crosses the length of the lake from Landing Number 2 in a North-Northwest direction to Boat Landing 3, a journey of around 20 minutes.

These land-trains and ferries give people with less time more opportunity to complete a circuit of the entire National Park, which would take between 6 and 9 hours, depending on fitness levels, if you walked on the paths that circumnavigate each of the lakes.

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