Extract from Julian’s Journeys

Veliki Slap is 50 metres high and normally comprises 5 or 6 main streams of water that plummet over the Western edge of the Korana gorge. The walkways go to within 25 metres of the foot of the falls, but this is a windy spot and only about half the water hits directly at the foot of the gorge, the other half gets swirled around by the air currents, so taking pictures is not easy.

A set of steep and slippery steps goes to a viewpoint that is commensurate with the top of the falls, but the view halfway up is better. This is essentially the end of the sightseeing path. So, you can either take the path from the viewpoint, which continues back along the top of the gorge to Boat Landing 3 or retrace your steps there, past the gorgeous Lower Lakes full of fish and past the swirling waters of the cataracts and waterfalls.