Places not on Google Maps – London – Part 3

The Sauce Museum

This museum near Trafalgar Square provides the background to the creation of all the world’s sauces ranging from HP Sauce to Tomato Sauce via Curry Sauce and Peanut Sauce. The cafe serves meals, which are half-price if the diner chooses five or more of the sauces from the menu. In the gift shop, visitors can buy bread covered in various sauces to give to the pigeons in Trafalgar Square. An annex to the museum has recently opened covering the history of the saucy seaside postcard.

Aboukir Bay Square

This small square in Seven Dials was the home of the French Embassy during WWII. After the war, the embassy soon moved to Albert Gate near Hyde Park. A small statue of Nelson adorns Aboukir Bay square as does a mosaic of his famous manoeuvre at the Battle of the Nile where he sent his ships between the French ships and the shore.  

Eight Ducks Square

There’s a flower market at this small square midway between Seven Dials and Nine Elms. Here flower sellers come early in the morning to bid on the finest blooms available in London that day. By 7 am everything has gone, but the cafe here does the finest bacon butties and mushroom omelettes in the city, plus tea you can stand your spoon in. Traders come here to fill up before heading off to bankrupt their banks. The ducks on the pond are not just for show and at last count there were over a hundred.

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